Wednesday, 17 July 2013

You won’t believe Michelle Duggar new look

Michelle Duggar hasn’t changed up her look in several decades and few expected she ever would. But the 19 Kids and Counting mom surprised us all when she decided to take a leap of faith and cut eight inches from her hair…just in time for her 46th birthday! What did the rest of the Duggar family think of this transformation?
Following an eight-inch haircut, Michelle Duggar is now one hot mama! The Duggar mom makeover came at the behest of Michelle’s buddy Cindy. A professional stylist, Cindy pointed out that Michelle’s hair hasn’t changed in 40 years. And somehow, Cindy managed to convince Michelle to try a sleek new look!
The makeover was actually a gift from Michelle’s kids for her 46th birthday. We’d say it was a thoughtful gift, but we also suspect the kids were a bit embarrassed of Mama Duggar’s curly mullet. On the other hand, the clan did love the new ‘do! Michelle wore her hair short and straight to her birthday party, prompting cheers from her children.
Unfortunately, we don’t think Michelle will be sporting her stylish new ‘do for long. The famous mom made it clear that she prefers her hair curly. She went so far as to compare the straight look to what she sees in the mirror when she gets out of the shower. Jim Bob also made it clear that he prefers his wife’s old style.  His immediate reaction to the haircut? “I do like it longer.”
We’re assuming Michelle will grow her hair again to make her husband happy. Oh well. Do you think Michelle should stick with shorter hair? Or is it a lost cause? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below!